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Veronica Mars rewatch over at BAF Yahoo Group

For anyone who might want to join in at the buffyangelfirefly Yahoo Group. If you're not a member, email the group owner for an invite.

Today, we'll start the discussion for: Veronica Mars: Pilot - Season 1, Episode 1

The subject line will clearly state which episode is up for discussion. Please don't alter the subject line (except in the case noted below).

*Please, if you're going beyond the scope of discussing the episode - change the subject line! Part of the point of this endeavor is to get lurkers to participate. We don't want to lose them with OT chatter or a discussion straying too far from the episode at hand.*

There is no time limit to how long a discussion can last, as long as the subject lines remain intact it should be easy to keep track. Just remember to make sure you're responding to the correct episode discussion when replying.

We'll be using generic seed questions/comments for each episode with the possibility of some thrown in for specific episodes. They are at the bottom of this email.

SPOILER SPACE is not required. If you have not seen an episode and are unable to watch it in time to discuss it with us, you'll want to skip over the discussion of that episode.

Any questions or comments, please contact the list owners at buffyangelfirefly-owner@yahoogroups.com

Episode highlights:
Witty dialogue of the week:
Music of the week:
Theme for the episode:
Moving the arc along moments:
Episode influence for future arcs / plots:
Thoughts on any new characters presented this week:
Any discrepancies noticed (not meant as a slam, but it does happen):
Overall thoughts:
Episode Rating: