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Eliza is Maxim's March Cover Girl. Pretty self explanatory. Link is to a Fox News story that links t

Eliza is Maxim's March Cover Girl. Pretty self explanatory. Link is to a Fox News story that links to the Maxim site.

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Eliza Dushku Likes Tattoos and Tough Guys

Monday, February 09, 2009

Eliza Dushku is the cover girl for the March 2009 issue of Maxim, on stands February 17.

Eliza Dushku notices something when she takes a shower.

Her tattoos.

"I love catching a glimpse of my tattoos when I strip down and take a shower," the actress tells Maxim in its upcoming March issue. "Kat Von D did a beautiful symbolic feather on my ribs."

Good thing she's not afraid of needles. The former Buffy star has a new Fox series coming out, Dollhouse, in which she plays a lab-created being who's implanted in each episode with a new personality.

In addition to her own tattoos, Dushku, 28, likes a good tat on her man, as well.

"I like guys who play hard and have calluses on their hands," she tells the magazine. "Any guy who's been raised in a bubble hasn't lived enough for me. Scars and broken body parts and tattoos are hot."

Dushku's Dollhouse premieres on FOX Friday, February 13.

The March issue of Maxim hits stands February 17.



Eliza Dushku
Former Buffy babe Eliza Dushku takes over your flat-screen as the smoking-hot heroine of Fox’s massively anticipated new spy show Dollhouse.

Having grown up in Boston as the only girl in a family of three roughhousing brothers, it’s not hard to see where Eliza Dushku got her tough-as-nails demeanor.But any preconceived notions you have about Eliza are about to be eliminated thanks to her new show, Dollhouse, created by her old Buffy and Angel boss, geek god Joss Whedon.

You convinced Joss Whedon to come back to TV and do this show with you. How did you twist his arm?
I knew that if I went back to TV, I absolutely wanted it to be with him, so I invited him to lunch. He picked this fancy-schmancy restaurant, and we threw around ideas. Four hours later he came out of the bathroom and said, “The show’s going to be called Dollhouse.” That Gouda pizza I bought him was the best investment I ever made.

Your body looks amazing these days. Were you channeling any Hollywood icons during our shoot?
Ava Gardner, baby. And thanks, I feel good in my skin. I have two beefy trainers I work out with every day. I like working out with guys who tower over me with bulging muscles.